RV Club Membership

You can enjoy our best auto club benefits including our UNLIMITED roadside assistance which we have extended the coverage to include your RV. The best coverage available anywhere and backed by our 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Roadside Assistance

Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year throughout the United States and Canada.

Mechanical Adjustments
Minor adjustments will be made, at the disablement site, in an attempt to allow your vehicle to operate safely under its own power. NO CHARGE TO YOU!

Battery Service
When your vehicle experiences battery failure we will provide a jump-start. NO CHARGE TO YOU!

Flat Tire Assistance
If your vehicle has an inflated spare tire it will be installed to replace a flat tire. If your vehicle has two or more flat tires or you do not have an inflated spare the vehicle will be towed in accordance with the towing provisions - NO CHARGE TO YOU!

Vehicle Fluid Delivery
Provides for the delivery of fuel or other fluids needed at the disablement site. Specific brands or octane ratings cannot be promised. NO CHARGE TO YOU! (Does not cover the cost of fuel.)

Lock-Out Service
When you lock your keys in your vehicle, service will be sent to gain entry into your vehicle. NO CHARGE TO YOU! (Does not cover costs to reproduce keys.)

When your vehicle is disabled due to mechanical breakdown we will arrange to have it towed to the nearest approved service facility REGARDLESS of distance. NO CHARGE TO YOU!

24 Hour VIP Services

In the event of a breakdown or similar roadside emergency, ACA's VIP Services include the following: All VIP services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, no matter where the customer may be, within the United States or Canada.

Airline Reservations and Ticketing
Representatives will arrange to make or change airline reservations in case of delay associated with a breakdown. Tickets will be issued and either delivered to the customer or left at the airport.

Alternate Transportation
National accounts with major rental car agencies through which we will arrange a rental vehicle for the customer.

Hotel/Motel Reservations
ACA will arrange overnight accommodations for a stranded customer at the hotel of his or her choice, or change existing reservations as needed due to delays. The Advisor consults a thorough, up-to-date manual to locate appropriate accommodations.

Tourist Bureaus
ACA has complied listings and phone numbers of tourist bureaus nationwide, and will transfer callers to the bureau in the area of choice to receive a wide range of information regarding that area.

Nationwide ATM Locator System
ACA will locate the nearest ATM using the customer's specific network system (Star, Plus, Cirrus, etc.) according to the area code and prefix from which the customer calls.

Personal Assistant
A representative will call the customer's spouse to inform him or her of the delay, call a business associate to cancel a meeting, or take care of any other necessary detail to help ease the strain of a breakdown.

Accident Repair and 100% Warranty

When you have an accident, storm damage or scratches, whether insured or not – and you are concerned over the expense and quality of repairs, call the Auto Club of America's experts for help.

A member service representative will supervise the repair process for members, evaluating the damage, negotiating the price with the repair shop and troubleshoot problems or difficulties.

We'll have member's car picked up, if necessary, at their home or office. Their car will be repaired at a network shop, washed and returned to them with the repairs guaranteed in writing, for as long as they own the car.

Auto Club of America has the finest network or repair facilities in the United States. Members receive first rate service, year in and year out, at the lowest possible rates because of our high volume.

In addition, all facilities are monitored through field inspection, member satisfaction surveys and feedback from service representatives. This assures members of a quality-driven repair system.

In fact, Auto Club of America has so much confidence in the quality of our network and our members service staff that we warrant the accident repairs done under our supervision for as long as a member owns the vehicle.

As a member, you receive our Nationwide Collision Repair Warranty, in writing, that protects you 100 percent on accident repairs. If a collision is repaired and a problem with the repair occurs, even years later, we promise to fix it at no charge.

For assistance with accident repairs – no matter where you are – as a member you can call the Auto Club of America for help.

Nationwide Discounts on Everyday Maintenance & Services

Members save on tires, brake services, glass replacement, wheel alignment, transmission service, and more.

Discounts usually 10% or more. Our network includes:

All Tune & Lube
Atlas Transmission (Texas)
Auto DriveAway
B.P. Procare
The Brake Shop
Doctor Vinyl
Dr. Nick's Transmission (NY)
Indy Lube
Jiffy Lube
MAACO Auto Painting
Meineke Muffler
Motor Works
Mr. Transmission
Multi-State Transmission
Penske Service Centers
Speedy Muffler
Transmission USA
Vistar Auto Glass
Winston Tires
And 1,000's of other service stations around the country.

Personal Mechanic Hotline

You can call our auto service technicians to discuss auto problems. Our people are seasoned professionals with years of experience. They're on your side and make recommendations in your best interest.

Call 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., Eastern Time to discuss symptoms, a diagnosis and the next steps to take to care for your auto.

You will save time and money and possibly avoid costly repairs.

You'll be equipped with enough information about the automotive problem to negotiate the best price for the repair.

You will also get the sound advice of an expert to discuss insurance claims.

If you are referred to a network facility for mechanical repairs, once the final price is set for the work, as an Auto Club of America member you are guaranteed a 10% discount off the cost of parts and labor, excluding tax.

New and Used Car Buying Services

Our members enjoy the car buying process! That's because we make it simple. With one phone call we will locate and price virtually any new or used vehicle. Because of our buying power you get pre-negotiated pricing with no hassles. If you have located a pre-owned vehicle and are considering a purchase we will provide a Vehicle History Report to you for free. You will know the history of a vehicle BEFORE you buy it.

$1,000 Trip Guarantee/Accident

When your vehicle is disabled as a result of an accident (not mechanical failure), 100 or more miles from home we will reimburse you for one of the following options:

Local lodging and meals in the vicinity of the service facility repairing your vehicle.

Transportation to your destination or back home by rental car (drop off charges, fuel and insurance charges not included) or by commercial transportation (airplane, bus or train).

Reimbursement is up to $1,000 for covered items that occur within 72 hours of accident.

$1,000 Trip Guarantee/Stolen Auto

When your vehicle is stolen while you are 100 miles or more away from home we will reimburse you for transportation to your destination or back home. Drop off charges, fuel and insurance associated with car rentals are not included. Reimbursement is up to $1,000 and must be incurred within 72 hours of the time theft is reported to police.

Travel Discounts

America's Premier Hotel Savings Program – Save as much as 50% at over 2,100 hotels, inns, and resorts in the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and Europe. Save at well known hotels like Marriott, Hyatt, Holiday Inn, Comfort Inn, Ramada Inn, Omni and Radisson hotels. In addition to the discounted room you can save up to 25% on your food bill at participating restaurants.

Car Rental Discounts available through Hertz, Avis and National Car Rental.

Personalized Trip Routing

You will be the best-prepared traveler on the road, and with good reason. We will customize a travel plan based upon your specific needs. We'll map the most direct or scenic route, based on your request, and provide detailed maps, points of interest and a list of hotels along your route that will provide you 50% savings.

Savings Chart

$650 – average auto repair cost per year10%$65.00
5 day vacation at $80 per night $400.00 total stay50%$200.00

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