Fleet Unique Services

Only $89.95 per car per yearFleet Unique Services

The Auto Club of America has been providing services to the motoring public for over thirty years. We now serve nearly 3.5 million members throughout the U.S. and Canada.

*Larger vehicles will cost slightly more.

We have always attempted to be creative and progressive, so we have now developed a unique product for fleets-emergency road service that stays with your vehicles.

You don't have to buy memberships for all your employees. Now all you need to do is let ACA provide you with a plastic card that stays with your vehicles. Anyone using your vehicles can call for roadside services such as: changing a flat tire, a hot shot battery start, delivery of gasoline, oil or other necessary fluids. If the keys are lost or locked in a vehicle, we will send help immediately. Need a tow? We do that too.

ACA's emergency road service is convenient and it's a matter of safety. You don't want your co-workers broken down in dangerous or isolated areas, especially late at night. With our 800 number help is only a few minutes away.

Cost is only $89.95 per vehicle per year.

Call us now at 1.800.411.2007 Ext. 504 (ask for Bud Belz) and we will answer any questions you have and get your service started. It's that simple!

Questions? Call 1-800-411-2007 x504. Ask for Bud Belz.

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