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24 Hour On Call - Roadside Assistance

(subscribing member only)

  1. Towing - When towing is necessary, your vehicle will be towed to the service facility of your choice.
  2. Battery Service - If a battery failure occurs, a jump-start will be applied to start your vehicle.
  3. Flat Tire Assistance - Service consists of the removal of your flat tire and its replacement with the spare tire. If the disabled vehicle has no inflated spare, or if it has two or more flat tires vehicle will be towed subject to the program limits.
  4. Gasoline, Oil, Fluid and Water Delivery Service - An emergency supply of gasoline, oil, fluid and water will be delivered to your vehicle when in immediate need. You must pay for the fuel or other fluid when it is delivered.
  5. Lockout Assistance - When your keys are locked inside your vehicle or you have lost them, we will provide assistance in gaining entry to your vehicle. Does not cover the cost of making new keys.


The following vehicles are NOT covered under your Emergency Roadside Assistance benefit:
Camping trailers, travel trailers, mobile homes or any vehicles in tow (vans and motor homes are covered), dune buggies, boats, horse trailers, and non-personal vehicles (i.e. utility trailers) of any type, trucks over one ton capacity, taxicabs or other commercial vehicles or vehicles being used for commercial purpose. Any vehicle, which at the sole determination of the service providers are in such condition that service is likely to result in damage to the vehicle.


Please have the following information ready to give to the Assistance Coordinator:

  1. Your membership number
  2. The phone number you are calling from.
  3. The location of your disabled vehicle (state, town, street address, and/or closest intersection).
  4. The description of your disabled vehicle.
  5. Type of service necessary (flat tire, jump start, tow, etc.).

NOTE: Please be with your vehicle when the service provider arrive, as they cannot service an unattended vehicle.

For Additional Information Please Call 1.800.411.2007

24 hours on call graphicis a program of the Auto Club of America, Corp. Corporate Office:
9411 N. Georgia · Oklahoma City, OK 73120

In CA, NV, WY, MT, MI, LA, VA, MD, and NH benefits are provided by:
Motor Club of America Enterprises, Inc. 3200 W. Wilshire Blvd. · Oklahoma City, OK 73156

All Member Inquiries Should Be Sent To: P.O. Box 21443 Oklahoma City, OK 73116

Questions? Call 1-800-411-2007.

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